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  Rolls of Exam Table Paper

Exam and Massage Table Paper Rolls
Exam Table Paper Roll, Glazed, White, Smooth
225' x 18" (46cm) wide
#MB-1252 Roll $7.91
#MB-1251 12/Case $35.00

Massage Table Paper Roll Hanger/Dispenser

Paper Roll Dispenser # 7EF-48
$ 45.00 Paper Roll Holder
Measure from leg to leg.
#7EF-4828 28" Wide
or less
#7EF-4830 30" Wide
or less

Massage Table Poly Backed Paper Sheets




Massage Table  Paper Sheets
#MB-1253 5-Pack $7.80
#MB-1254 50-Pack $28.80
#MB-1255 5-Pack $8.75
#MB-1256 50-Pack $42.00
Long Polycoated Paper
Bed Sheet
40" (101.6cm) x 90" (228.6cm)
#MB1259 50 Pack Sheets $49.59
#MB1260 5 Pack $8.50