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 #MB1162 Barrier Sleeves, Clip Cord Covers, Machine Bags, Large Bags, Cartridge Holder

Barrier Grip Sleeves
An Important Invention by Unimax
(Not a Cheyenne Product)

Seals & Prevents contamination of Cartridge Hand Pieces.

fits Grips by mm size
19mm and 25mm

Seals Hawk- Barrier Grip Sleeves
Bag of 100 Plastic Grip Sleeves, $4.99

#MB1161 Fits 19-22mm Hand Piece
#MB1162 Fits 25mm Hand Piece

Slip the sleeve over the grip all the way up.  Insert cartridge to seal.

  • Disposable, single use Barrier Sleeves.
  • Eliminates the need for Hawk/Spirit Hand Piece sterilization.
  • Extends the life of Hand Pieces and Grips.
  • Firmly attaches Hawk/Spirit cartridges to Hand Piece.
  • Wipe Hand Piece with a hard surface disinfectant wipe.
    (Do not soak Hawk/Spirit Hand Pieces. Do not spray liquids between the grip and shaft.)


Benefit --  Good News for coil machine users:

Using on Regular Grips adds another layer of protection.
Because the tip/tube on coil machine tubes do not seal the bag the way
Hawk/Spirit Hand Pieces do, use of Sleeves does not replace
the need for sterilization between uses.

The Barrier Sleeve Concept
benefits coil machines owners.

Bag of 100 Barrier Sleeves, $4.99

#MB1161 Fits 19mm, most 3/4 inch Grips 
#MB1162 Fits 25mm, most 1-Inch  Grips
Add a layer of protection for coil machine grips.
Limits contamination.

Will not fit grips that exceed mm sizes, 19mm and 25mm.
Measure your grips first.

Designed & Invented by Unimax Supply Co Inc
to work on Cheyenne Hawk and Spirit
Professional Tattoo Equipment
Invented and produced by Unimax Supply Co Inc.
as an after-market accessory for Cheyenne Hawk/Spirit Tattoo Machine users.
This product has no connection with Cheyenne.

Unimax West and Unimax Supply Co.
 Cheyenne "Premier" 
USA Trusted Authorized Distributor

Clip Cord Covers
Pre-Cut Lengths
2" Wide x 30" Long
Pre-cut Lengths.

$11.95/Bag of 200
1,000 Pcs/Box
$54.00/Box 1,000

Bulk Barrier Tubing
by the Roll
1200' Approx/Roll
Cut to desired length.
Available 2-Inch or 3-Inch Wide

2-Inch Wide Roll
# MB11432
3-Inch Wide Roll
# MB11433
Barrier Tubing
100 3-foot pieces
$15.94/100 pcs

Blue Clip Cord Covers


Machine Covers
6 x 6" Bags
Open one side.


Machine/Clip Cord Bags
Open one side.

$16.50/Bag of 100
$5.70/Bag of 100


Cartridge Holder

  • Designed by Unimax to hold
    all Hawk Cartridges
  • Saves time identifying sizes.
  • Holds 3 Hawk Cartridges
  • Sanitary, disposable clear plastic.

    Order #MB1163
    3 for $1.00, 20 for $6.25