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Ready-to use.
17Gauge Needle with  Custom 19 Gauge Nostril Screw

Order #NOS-1917, Nostril Screw with Needle

19G Nose Screw fits
SNUGLY inside back of
Special 17G Needles
Mfg only by Unimax

Never Lose a Connection Again.
The Tail End of the Nostril Screw
inside  the back of our
specially made 17 Gauge Needle.
Gas Processed Nostril Screw Pre-Pack
17 Gauge needle
Pre-pack in pouch only.

#1917NOST (No Gem)
#1917NOSTG (With Gem)

$ 2.65 Each, 10@ $ 2.29 Each
This needle is not the
regular 16G or 17G Needle

For Regular gauge Needles
go to
17G Needle


The concept of "MICRO-TEARS" is a lie to deceive you.
There are no "micro-tears" in skin because of a piercing.
To Order: Use the Numbers listed.
Description: Nose Body Piercing Jewelry
Class 1:316L Surgical Implant Stainless Steel.  Type: Body Piercing Jewelry.
(State of California definition)
Uses: For placement in a New Body Piercing or mucous membrane
Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Contains small parts.
If swallowed or if irritation or a rash lasts contact your health care provider.

Pre-pack 316L NOS1917 Nostril Piercing Jewelry with Needle.