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  3M Thermal Spirit Copiers to make Tattoo Stencils

Unimax can repair 3M Copiers

Machines can be sent or brought in to NY
with a $200.00 payment which will be
credited against the repair cost
with your "OK to proceed" at quoted price.
No refunds otherwise.
Machines sent or brought in to Unimax NYC and not claimed
within 120 days of repair will be considered abandoned
and disposed of at Unimax discretion.

FaceTime available or email.
3M Thermal Copy Machines
Fully Reconditioned AVAILABLE NOW
Fully Tested and Approved.

Lift the machine by the rear, never by the front.

When using a 3M, use a
copy-machine-copied original.
Does not work with pencil and some markers and pens.

Genuine 3M Machines.
Expertly Refurbished
Different Models May be Available
$1900.00 Refurbished
 $150.00 Extra


Use a Carrier for Thermal 3M Machines
Not for use with Pocket Jet
Makes a Better Stencil
#11TH18, $15.50 Ea
Blue or Clear does not affect
the quality of the finished stencil.

A carrier creates a more uniform squeeze
through the rollers.

Insert the stencil set in the carrier
without the Yellow and without the onion skin
and feed through your Spirit Pocket Jet Printer machine.
Carrier Size 8-1/2" W x 14" Long
Just fits. center carefully to feed.