Let The Unimax Tattanātor Run your Coils  - Electronically.    TECHNICAL INFO     SANEL

Your power supply is relegated to the past. Outmoded.

Unimax wants you to try the Tattanator without risk.

Buy a Tattanator-ready coil machine for the reduced price of $150.00
and get a high-quality, solid made Star or Apollo Machine plus the Tattanator.

The Most Advanced Operating SYSTEM in the World - (R)evolutionary

# TT-01, Tattanātor Control Unit, Regular Price $199.00 - Get it Free.
Transformer Required for operation. (Made in China)
The $199 price would not include the Tattoo Machine, Foot Switch or Clip Cord.
Free with purchase of
T1 or T2
# TT-02, The Transformer is required - or - provide your own.
5.5mm input connector -  DC14.0 V - 4000mA 56VA6
Made in China $24.95 if purchased separately
Free with purchase  

Get The Tattanator Free.*
Not returnable. No cash or credit refund for the machine or Tattanator.
Your only option is to send the machine to us.
 Return the machine and we will convert it back to a
conventional power supply clip cord type machine
and send it back to you ( without charge: USA only). You keep the Tattanator.
Pre-set,  Ready
Special Price $150.00/Each
Star-T1,  or  Apollo-T1,
Chrome or Black
Liner or Shader
Use your own Footswitch and Clip Cord: not included.
 Footswitch $24.99
1 Clip Cord, $19.50

Add an extra $44.49 if you want us to provide the standard FS & CC.
Price of $150 is for the coil machine and you get a free Tattanator.
There are no returns. If you do not like it, return the machine and we will convert it to use a regular old-fashioned power supply.

Turn your power supply on,
1) Back-Off the Contact Screw
(not touching spring. Take it all the way off.)

2) Set the Left Knot
to 60 Hz (the Speed)
or hits per second.

3) Set the Duty Cycle to 10%

4) Step on Foot Switch

5) Slowly increase duty cycle
(turning the Right Knob
until machine kicks in.)

Then experiment with one
control at a time to learn.
Re-set to beginning and
experiment more.

Things to know:
1) Increasing Speed decreases Force.
2) Increasing Duty Cycle increases force.
3) Stroke length by Contact Screw
synchronizes initial contact to increase force
but decreases it when the stroke is too short and the machine runs out of sync.
Technical Info

International Tattooist Sanel


The Tattanātor = Control

 not just Voltage.

More Details,
Request The Tattanātor Brochure.