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11EX46, Digital Display Power Supply


Notice about international electric compatibilities.
This Electronic equipment rated for 110-120 Volt
You will need to buy a 110 to 220 transformer if your country uses 220-240Volts.

No returns after 7 days.

Light goes on when the foot switch is pressed.

Digital Display Power Supply
Input: 110/120V
Output Max: 15 Volts 2 Amps
#11EX46, $49.50
Made in China
Order separately:
#11EX-292, $24.99
TreadLite Footswitch with 1/4" Phono Plug.
Made in USA
Tattoo Footswitch
, $19.50
Clip Cord with 1/4" Phono Plug.
Made in USA
Clip Cord
#4BE169T, 2 Amp 250V
Fuse $ 2.00

WARNING: Low Price Power Supplies
have a low price because they are made from the cheapest components.
They are good in a pinch.
Do not expect professional performance.
Do not expect them to last.