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Contextual in the sense that the purpose is to record accurately, not just display.

More Scholarly treatment of Tattoo. "...text may outweigh pictures...(Jane Caplan)"

These books are oriented to a scholarly and accurate treatment of tattoo
with related subjects, and as such,
as Jane Caplan says in Written on the Body, "...text may outweigh pictures. .."
"I read them all, not just sell them."  Wes Wood, Pres.
--  Order The Blue Tattoo by Margot Mifflin, just added.  If you haven't met Olive Oatman yet, (captured by Indians in 1851) you should get to know her and those times. An engagingly written historical narrative.

Fluctuating prices based on availability and scarcity.

Anyone interested in Tattoo as subject would become familiar with some of these books,
especially Jane Caplan, Nicholas Thomas, Lars Krutak, Alfred Gell, Steve Gilbert, Tricia Allen, and Awekotuku.  Wes Wood

  Patterns that Connect
Schuster/ Carpenter
Unimax No. KTAT2173
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Whether you accept the argument that motifs are related cross-culturally through time, and in different art forms, it stops and make you think as well as perhaps "read" the motifs whether they appear on pottery or body art.

  Written on the Body
Jane Caplan, Ed.
Unimax No. KTAT2117
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The West from Antiquity to the present.
Europe and the West from an historical perspective. If you only buy one book on Tattoo in the West, this is it. Wes Wood
  Wrapping in Images
Alfred Gell
Unimax No. KTAT2126

Polynesia History
A starting place for understanding the unique  integrated role tattoo had within Polynesian society, compiled and analyzed from historical records, including their errors.
Mau Moko Ngahuia Awekotuku   Mau Moko
Ngahuia Awekotuku
Unimax No. KTAT2138
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New Zealand Maori
Reviewed as
"...the closest there has ever been to a 'complete' book on Moko."

  Tattoo, Bodies, Art, and Exchange in the Pacific and the West Nicholas Thomas, Ed,
Unimax No. KTAT2109

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Pacific Past and Present including good sections discussing the effect Pacific tattoo had on western visitors and vice versa.
  The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women
Lars Krutak
Unimax No. KTAT2125

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An unexplored subject documenting the extensive role women had in tattoo around the world. Includes unique coverage of Alaskan piercing.
  The History of Tattooing
Wilfrid Dyson Hambly (1925)
Unimax No. KTAT2129, $14.95
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This 1925 survey was after a significant amount of fieldwork which was thought to be marking the end of Pacific tattooing.

  Selected Conference Papers on Tattoo & Body Ornamentation
Easter Island Foundation Books
Unimax No. KTAT2123,  $25.00  
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Photocopied and bound for Unimax by Easter Island and Hawai'i Foundation Books.
  Tattooing in the Marquesas
Willowdean Chatterson Handy
Unimax No. KTAT2128$6.95
Marquesas. Classic.
In 1921 there was a rush to document what was thought to be the end of native Pacific cultures.
  Spiritual Tattoo
John A. Rush
Unimax No. KTAT2110
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Sociology, psychology and mysticism together with extensive history.

  Tattoo, Secrets of a Strange Art
Albert Parry
Unimax No. KTAT2131
A non-flattering interpretation of the bizarre art of tattoo.


  Tattoo History
Steve Gilbert
Unimax No. KTAT2132
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World Tattoo History panorama
in broad strokes and selective details.
  The World of Tattoo
by Maarten Hesselt van Dinter
Unimax No. KTAT2167
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Many first-time published illustrations.
An emphasis on cross-cultural influences
and an effort to create some continuity.
Most thorough treatment around.

  Moko or Maori Tattooing
Horation Gordon Robley
Unimax No. KTAT2121, $30.00
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Historical Maori classic published in 1896
  Tattooing in the Marshall Islands
Dirk H.R. Spennemann
Unimax No. KTAT2116
Heavy illustrations detailing the iconography of the Marshall Islands.
  Tikopian Tattoo
by Mick Pendergrast
Unimax No. KTAT2135

  The Polynesian Tattoo Today
Tricia Allen
Unimax No. KTAT2118

First Edition:
Filled with photos illustrating the iconography and styles of the new Pacific tattoo, Today.


  Tattoo Traditions of Hawai'i
Tricia Allen
Unimax No. KTAT2130
Past to Present with historical illustrations and contemporary practice.
  Tattoo an Anthropology
Makiko Kuwahara
Unimax No. KTAT2120

Anthropology dealing with contemporary Samoan tattoo practices and culture.

  Bodies of Inscription
Margo DeMello
Unimax No. KTAT2133
Cultural anthropology looking backwards trying to synthesize a coherent road leading to today's scene.
  Need to Know:
by Paul Mason
#KTAT2166, $42.00
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Genital piercings for juvenile study? This "children's" book from the UK is beyond the bounds of decency and is included as a disgrace. Read my comments. (WesWood)
  Bodies of Subversion
by Margot Mifflin
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Many of these women from the 60's to 90's are well known and still tattooing who found tattoo made them fully human, whole.Tattoo enabled them to return the gaze. (Wes Wood)

Artifacts: Life in the Pacific of the 1700s   Museum 3 Vol. Set
Unimax No. KETH1225
Museum Artifacts Exhibition, only one or two pictures of tattoo instruments.
  The Pacific Arts of Polynesia & Micronesia
Adrienne L. Kaeppler
Unimax No. KART1253

Pacific Arts. Not a tattoo artifact book, but the arts of the Pacific.
  James Cook
and the Exploration
of the Pacific
#KHIS211, $385.50

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Currently we have an unused copy for sale.
Background material to contextualize the Pacific artifacts brought back on Cook's voyages.

Milton Zeis
Tattooing the World Over
Unimax No. KTAT2134
1 Only, Mint Condition

DVD   Once Were Warriors
Unimax No. KTAT2137
New Zealand film.  Heart-wrenching fiction.
 Modern generation caught unable to recreate the proud past in the very different present.

  Bodies Under Siege
Second Edition
by Armando R. Favazza, M.D.
Unimax No. KPSY1001,

The First comprehensive look at self-mutilation by professor Favazza.
Epilogue by Fakir Musafar
  Religion, Dress and the Body
Linda B. Arthur, Editor
Unimax No. KREL1227, $28.95
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The articles are about dress but can amplify  tattoo with some good insights.
  Identifying Marks: Race, Gender and the Marked Body
by Jennifer Putzi
#KTAT2169, $85.00
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An defining examination of what marks and how marks shape life through examination of literature, reality and insights.

  Sea of Dangers
Captain Cook
by Geoffrey Blainey

Unimax No. KHIS2110, $27.50
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A Great reading narrative of Capt. Cook's
first voyage but sadly, everything tattoo is left out. Interesting, exciting easy reading voyage.
You will appreciate the hardships and challenges of the courageous explorers.
(Wes Wood)
  The Blue Tattoo
by Margot Mifflin
Unimax No. KTAT2171

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An engrossing and lively narrative that paints a different picture of the Mohave Indians, the expansionist Whites and the captivity of Olive Oatman. Not about tattoo as such but a must read to be exposed to an appreciation and understanding of our past. (Wes Wood)